Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scientology Crimebosses Spin Deathship Impounding

This was posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. The Scientology crime syndicate is trying to spin the impounding and quarintine of their deathship by telling their remaining customers that they willingly had their ship taken for referbishment.

See, it wasn't because these insane criminals kill people, knowingly subjecting them to cancer, it's because they're referbishing the deathship in order to give the remaining marks, rubes, and suckers a better deathship to get swindled and rooked on.


Socrates writes:

I have received a Freewinds magazine.

"Preparation of the Freewinds for the future - and your eternal future" Everything began with over 280 shipbuilding experts out of the USA, Poland, Finland, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Litauen.

(My notes-All those people that probably can't speak English, and don't have enough computer experience to read the Internet, and after the work is finished can be offloaded back to their own lands with their cancer etc)

There are pictures in this magazine; All the main rooms have been stripped of their floor (deck) tiles, walls, and in some cases the overhead decks. There are the normal pictures of the winning students, learning to read Miscavige's "basic" books, that haven’t heard about the asbestos danger on the Freewinds, while nobody told them.

But also as the Mechanics (The two motors and four generators are also being upgraded) giving a new dimension, which will create a new journey into a totally new dimension. When you’re on the open sea, you will find a OT-Environment, which can only be written as the Freewinds-Experience. And everybody who books a journey will enter a completely new world. (My notes - Bring your own oxygen masks and decontamination suits)

(For those that have already have cancer). Now is the right point in time to join the Freewinds. In the earlier seventies LRH established (from his auditing and contacts with alien commanders) that the planet had only a few years to survive. (The Zionists also believe that the world will end in 2000, and only they will be saved?) It doesn't matter what "you" want to do, it hangs from your eternal future (or otherwise on how much money you can donate to us).

LRH wrote "To bring People on and through these OT-steps is the only and most charitable chance we have to save our universe." (to save our universe from such perversions or squirrel activities as God, self-determination, spiritual knowledge, respect for people that are not Scientologists)

Contact your nearest Sea Org recruiter.


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