Monday, May 5, 2008

The Centers for Disease Control on Asbestos

The Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) in Georgia, United States maintains extensive health information about asbestos which people might check in to if they ever steopped aboard Scientology's deathwinds.

CDC on asbestos"

One issue that keeps coming up in discussions about Scientology's deadly ship is why the health and law enforcement agencies tasked with protesting the public never acted upon the endless warnings sent to them by the general public over the past 15 years.

In a letter to the CDC, I inquired about this:

Greetings, CDC

Since around 1994 or so, a fairly large number of people who used to be customers of the Scientology Corporation attempted to alert law enforcement and health officials about the presence of blue asbestos aboard Scientology’s ship currently called “Freewinds.”

Wikipedia Freewinds

Last month health officials outside of the United States finally seized the ship in port, evacuated all humans aboard to safety, and have enacted contamination and isolation procedures to stop the previously uncontained exposures.

I’m writing to inquire from your offices some explanation on possible reasons why the United States’ various health agencies and law enforcement agencies did not act upon the endless appeals to do so over the past fifteen years despite the ship having been docked in various ports around the United States during that time period.

Was the threat posed by the massive amounts of blue asbestos being reported not considered credible by eye-witnesses who had served on board that ship? Or were there jurisdictional issues which constrained U.S. health officials from acting? Can your offices provide some information on why the United States did not act to stop Scientology’s deliberate exposures for the past fifteen years?

There is an effort underway on the Internet to reach everyone who was exposed to acquire a medical checkup to determine if they are at risk of cancer after having been exposed. The Scientology Corporation has refused to do so due to the cost involved and due to the legal liabilities involved.

Indeed, Scientology’s spokesmen have denied that their ship was seized and impounded, also denying that their ship is in quarantine while also not admitting that they have (and knew they have) asbestos aboard. So it is left up to the general public to attempt to alert possible victims.

If the CDC has previously sent investigators to look at this ship in the past, would your offices have any public reports detailing what your offices discovered? And if so, where might I obtain copies of such reports?

Thank you for your time,

Fredric L. Rice
The Skeptic Tank

p.s.: Your offices might consider issuing a public statement encouraging anyone who ever stepped foot inside the ship to seek a medical examination for blue asbestos contamination.

If the CDC has any answers, I will certainly post thyem here.

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