Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scientology Crimebosses Spin Deathship Impounding

This was posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. The Scientology crime syndicate is trying to spin the impounding and quarintine of their deathship by telling their remaining customers that they willingly had their ship taken for referbishment.

See, it wasn't because these insane criminals kill people, knowingly subjecting them to cancer, it's because they're referbishing the deathship in order to give the remaining marks, rubes, and suckers a better deathship to get swindled and rooked on.


Socrates writes:

I have received a Freewinds magazine.

"Preparation of the Freewinds for the future - and your eternal future" Everything began with over 280 shipbuilding experts out of the USA, Poland, Finland, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Litauen.

(My notes-All those people that probably can't speak English, and don't have enough computer experience to read the Internet, and after the work is finished can be offloaded back to their own lands with their cancer etc)

There are pictures in this magazine; All the main rooms have been stripped of their floor (deck) tiles, walls, and in some cases the overhead decks. There are the normal pictures of the winning students, learning to read Miscavige's "basic" books, that haven’t heard about the asbestos danger on the Freewinds, while nobody told them.

But also as the Mechanics (The two motors and four generators are also being upgraded) giving a new dimension, which will create a new journey into a totally new dimension. When you’re on the open sea, you will find a OT-Environment, which can only be written as the Freewinds-Experience. And everybody who books a journey will enter a completely new world. (My notes - Bring your own oxygen masks and decontamination suits)

(For those that have already have cancer). Now is the right point in time to join the Freewinds. In the earlier seventies LRH established (from his auditing and contacts with alien commanders) that the planet had only a few years to survive. (The Zionists also believe that the world will end in 2000, and only they will be saved?) It doesn't matter what "you" want to do, it hangs from your eternal future (or otherwise on how much money you can donate to us).

LRH wrote "To bring People on and through these OT-steps is the only and most charitable chance we have to save our universe." (to save our universe from such perversions or squirrel activities as God, self-determination, spiritual knowledge, respect for people that are not Scientologists)

Contact your nearest Sea Org recruiter.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CDC Has No Records of Deathwinds Docking In US Ports?!

Apparently Scientology's death ship sneaks in to ports and then sneaks out again without informing the proper health authorities. The Deathwinds has repeatedly docked in Florida ports over the past 15 years.


From: "CDC-INFO"
Date: Mon, May 12, 2008 4:00 pm

We are sorry for the delay in responding to your email. A recent high volume of inquiries has slowed our response time. In addition to forwarding your request for information to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), your request for information on investigations of the cruise ship, Freewinds, was also forwarded to subject matter experts within CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP). We are pleased to provide you with the VSP response.

The VSP only inspects areas of the vessels related to gastrointestinal illness prevention (food, potable water, recreational water, etc.). However, a review of VSP files showed no record of an inspection of this vessel or the Boheme (a previous name). Also, everything that was found online indicates that the ship does not sail into US ports, or hasn't in recent years. If you have any additional information on other previous names of the vessel, VSP employees can check the VSP records.

Thank you for contacting CDC-INFO Contact Center. Please do not hesitate to call 1-800-CDC-INFO, e-mail cdcinfo@cdc.gov or visit http://www.cdc.gov if you have any additional questions.

CDC-INFO is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). This service is provided by Vangent, Inc. under contract to CDC and ATSDR.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Q Talks ABout the CDC and Scientoplogy's Deathwinds

In the US government, certain agencies do certain things as defined by law. The CDC is disease investigation/public health issues, they don't do air quality or workplace contamination investigations except as consultants to another agency that asks for or is directed to ask for CDC's help. CDC was involved in the Legionnaire Disease investigation since it was initially a case of an unknown acute disease in a defined population of US citizens on US soil.

Atmospheric air quality is under either the EPA or the individual state if the state has primacy for monitoring air/water quality and atmospheric/water discharges within the state. Workplace safety issues are normally OSHA, including exposure to a legally-defined list of toxic substances and investigation of workplace practices that lead to death or injury. Asbestos contamination of a workplace due to work practice would be an OSHA investigation. EPA does have legal oversight for defining carcinogens, but no responsibility for anything except carcinogen discharges in air or water. FDA has oversight of carcinogens in foods. OSHA has oversight of carcinogen exposure of workers due to work practices. The US Coast Guard preempts OSHA on maritime matters to some extent, but only with US registered vessels or US ported vessels.

Since EPA monitors atmospheric air quality and native water quality, they got involved in the Johns-Manville asbestos plant contamination of the atmospheric air and water in Montana. OSHA got involved in the workplace problems of asbestos contamination in Montana. CDC might have been involved in the mesothelioma aspects as a public health issue, but only as a public health issue alone. I do not believe that CDC has quasi-police powers as do EPA and OSHA except, possibly, for infectious disease control.

If it is a workplace contamination problem such as "sick building syndrome", it has been difficult to find an agency that has oversight unless, as an example, testing shows that the building exceeds workplace concentrations of defined workplace contaminants under OSHA and that the contamination occurred as a result of workplace practices as defined by law. Sick building syndrome is normally a state department of health responsibility, and that might include exposure to asbestos in an existing building where no obvious work practice was involved in the exposure.

Since the suspected contamination of Freewinds occurred on board a ship, it might be OSHA, it might be the US Coast Guard, etc., depending on how the law is written, but only if the ship, its owners, or agents, were resident in the US. It certainly would not be CDC if asbestos is involved, unless OSHA or USCG call CDC in for consultation on mesothelioma itself. CDC would be called in if mesothelioma were discovered in some population where the source were unknown and it was a rampant issue arising on its own, much like in Love Canal there was first a known public health crisis before the environmental issues were defined.

In the case of a foreign vessel, under foreign ownership, the US has no explicit jurisdiction unless it pokes into the affairs of a foreign state. The fact that such vessel carries US citizens is out of bounds for most US agencies. If a US citizen disappears on a foreign vessel, the FBI might get involved if invited to do so by the host country, normally as observers only, without any portfolio. A US citizen on a foreign vessel is essentially a temporary resident in the foreign country of registration and outside the jurisdiction of US law.

I would not expect CDC to get involved in this at all. I would expect that those passengers who might have been contaminated on a foreign vessel in open waters to seek redress in the civil court of the country of the vessel's registration. Freewinds, its management and crew would be subject to the laws, if any, governing asbestos exposure in its home country, Panama, in this case. If it can be shown that the foreign firms have assets in the US, or are controlled by a US entity (like the Flag Ship Service Org/Church of Scientology), then the civil suits might be filed in US Federal courts.

One can review the enabling regulations for each of CDC, EPA, OSHA, etc., in the Code of Federal Regulations that can be found in most university and large municipal libraries. Set aside several months.

Note that I am not suggesting that CDC, or another agency like OSHA would not take an interest in the asbestos contamination on Freewinds, only that it is unlikely that they can or would do anything about it given their limited freedoms to act under their enabling legislations. The most CDC might do is conduct a study of mesothelioma incidence if the population of affected parties could be identified and there were a federal mandate to do so, however remotely that might come about. It's just about tough luck for American citizens to be exposed to a non-communicable disease on a foreign-registered vessel.

Now, my view might be irrelevant since Freewinds made the mistake of undertaking maintenance in Curacao where it supposedly released asbestos onto Curacao while docked. There might be treaties, etc., where somehow the US could be involved, but at this point the damaged party is Netherlands Antilles and the Dutch government with Freewinds and its captain as the perpetrators.

If it can be proved that the captain was indeed aware of asbestos release while docked in Curacao and attempted to hide the fact of the release, then he and his crew might be charged criminally for whatever crimes against the government of Curacao. The crew, prior to the time of the dry-docking, was likely under the laws of Panama for their exposures to asbestos. After drydocking, the ship is resident in Curacao and not on the high seas, to it will be interesting to see just what happens to the ship itself. The Dutch might just force the ship and crew to return to the high seas, never to return again if the special abatement crew from the US fails again to do their jobs properly.

Q -- From the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CDC Responds to Deathwinds Inquiry

Dear Fredric,

Your inquiry to CDC-INFO, regarding the appropriate regulatory agency that is responsible for regulating asbestos exposures on cruise ships, has been forwarded to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH, which is part of CDC, is responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of workplace illness and injury.

From our investigation of this matter, we found that there are no regulatory agencies within the United States that governs exposure to asbestos on cruise ships, although the Public Health Service regulates sanitation issues, including infectious
diseases on cruise ships.

However, there is an international organization called the Bureau Veritas Group, who gets involved in environmental and safety hazards on ships. Their e-mail is the following:


Dale Camper
NIOSH EID Technical Information

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Centers for Disease Control Automated Reply

Well, at least the Centers For Disease Control received my inquiry in to Scientology's deathship. It remains to be seen whether they have an explanation on why United States health officials and law enforcement never took steps to stop Scientology's deliberate poisoning of their customers.

Date: Mon, May 5, 2008 8:54 am

This e-mail will confirm receipt of your request. We will make every attempt to send a reply to your request as soon as possible. Please do not reply to this message as the autoreply mailbox is not monitored.

CDC-INFO is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). This service is provided by Vangent, Inc. under contract to CDC and ATSDR.

Este correo electrónico confirma que recibimos su mensaje. Este es un sistema automatizado. Por favor no responda a este mensaje.

CDC-INFO es un servicio de los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC, por sus siglas en inglés) y la Agencia para Sustancias Tóxicas y el Registro de Enfermedades (ATSDR, por sus siglas en inglés). Este servicio es proporcionado por Vangent, Inc. bajo contrato con los CDC y ATSDR.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The automated system at least lets people know that their email inquiries have been received. What I'm looking for are reasons why nobody within the United States took any steps to protect the public against Scientology's latest outrage despite being repeatedly informed about the deadly hazard.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Scientology Laughs About Causing Cancer

Click HERE for video

Click HERE to see Scientologists being informed about the cancer ship

This YouTube video shows Scientology being informed about the need to get customers who ever stepped foot aboard Scientology's "Freewinds" to visit their doctors due to the fatal consequences of Scientology's latest asbestos crimes.

On the video you can hear an alleged Scientology crime boss laughing about causing customers cancer. I guess that Scientology has gotten all the money that they can out of their victims that murdering them is simply a laughing matter.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

The Centers for Disease Control on Asbestos

The Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) in Georgia, United States maintains extensive health information about asbestos which people might check in to if they ever steopped aboard Scientology's deathwinds.

CDC on asbestos"

One issue that keeps coming up in discussions about Scientology's deadly ship is why the health and law enforcement agencies tasked with protesting the public never acted upon the endless warnings sent to them by the general public over the past 15 years.

In a letter to the CDC, I inquired about this:

Greetings, CDC

Since around 1994 or so, a fairly large number of people who used to be customers of the Scientology Corporation attempted to alert law enforcement and health officials about the presence of blue asbestos aboard Scientology’s ship currently called “Freewinds.”

Wikipedia Freewinds

Last month health officials outside of the United States finally seized the ship in port, evacuated all humans aboard to safety, and have enacted contamination and isolation procedures to stop the previously uncontained exposures.

I’m writing to inquire from your offices some explanation on possible reasons why the United States’ various health agencies and law enforcement agencies did not act upon the endless appeals to do so over the past fifteen years despite the ship having been docked in various ports around the United States during that time period.

Was the threat posed by the massive amounts of blue asbestos being reported not considered credible by eye-witnesses who had served on board that ship? Or were there jurisdictional issues which constrained U.S. health officials from acting? Can your offices provide some information on why the United States did not act to stop Scientology’s deliberate exposures for the past fifteen years?

There is an effort underway on the Internet to reach everyone who was exposed to acquire a medical checkup to determine if they are at risk of cancer after having been exposed. The Scientology Corporation has refused to do so due to the cost involved and due to the legal liabilities involved.

Indeed, Scientology’s spokesmen have denied that their ship was seized and impounded, also denying that their ship is in quarantine while also not admitting that they have (and knew they have) asbestos aboard. So it is left up to the general public to attempt to alert possible victims.

If the CDC has previously sent investigators to look at this ship in the past, would your offices have any public reports detailing what your offices discovered? And if so, where might I obtain copies of such reports?

Thank you for your time,

Fredric L. Rice
The Skeptic Tank

p.s.: Your offices might consider issuing a public statement encouraging anyone who ever stepped foot inside the ship to seek a medical examination for blue asbestos contamination.

If the CDC has any answers, I will certainly post thyem here.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scientology's "Freewinds" deathship: Blue Asbestos

For over 10 years now civil rights activists, human rights activists, and one-time customers of the Scientology corporation have been informing politicians, law enforcement agencies, newspapers, magazines, and anyone else who might listen about the notoriously criminal Scientology corporation's "Freewinds" ship containing cancer causing blue asbestos -- the worse form of asbestos there is.

To date no United States law enforcement or health agency has bothered to seize and impound Scientology's deadly ship. It required the health and law enforcement authorities in Curacao to seize Scientology's deathship and to and to safely evacuate all of the unsuspecting victims of Scientology's latest deadly outrage.

But the facts remain: Scientology and health officials around the world knew about the deadly ship and they did nothing about it:

Freewinds Deathship

If you or a loved one have been exposed to Scientology's Freewinds ship, check out the link provided below and visit your doctor immediately and have tests conducted to determine whether you might have been exposed to Scientology's cancer ship's asbestos.

Massive lawsuit sought

What's horrible about this is that the Scientology crime syndicate knew and did nothing because of the criminal enterprise's core aims to rook and swindle money out of its remaining customers. Money was the primary motivational factor in Scientology not fixing the problem and contacting every customer who had ever set foot inside the deathship.

A real actual religion would have issued letters warning all of its members that they had been exposed however Scientology is organized crime, not a religion, and its criminal behavior reflects that fact.

My opinions only and only my opinions as always.