Monday, June 9, 2008

Scientologists Exposed to Blue Asbestos on Cruise Ship

It's becoming old news, but the people who were exposed to Scientology's death ship will be suffering for decades to come. The Asbestos web site has clocked in on the story which can be read at Scientologists Exposed to Blue Asbestos on Cruise Ship

Of particular interest is the continuing reports of how so many victims of the Scientology crime syndicate knew about this asbestos and yet the Scientology ringleaders did not care that they were killing people:

The disturbing aspect to this mess is it sounds like some within the scientology community have known about the asbestos risks for 21 years. Lawrence Woodcraft, a former Scientologist and architect, claims that he encountered blue asbestos while working on the ship in 1987—according to a affidavit filed in 2001.

Members of the Usenet news group alt.religion.scientology have been informing law enforcement and health officials about this latest deadly Scientology crime since at least 1993 -- all to no avail; United States authorities continue to do their jobs of protecting citizens from the criminal predations of this organized criminal enterprise.

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